TTÜ-Mektory Satellite

The satellite program is university wide, interdisciplinary project that is carried out in association with partners from science- and commercial organizations.
The mission of the TTÜ-MEKTORY satellite is to perform remote sensing of Earth from LEO in visible and/or infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum. The satellite shall transmit remote sensing imaging data to ground stations on Earth which can be used for educational, scientific, space technology development and knowledge transfer purposes.

This is an extensive identity for TTÜ-MEKTORY Satellite. The goal was to make TTÜ-MEKTORY satellite projects’ visual identity recognizable, unique and modern.

Logo was inspired by the satellite’s cubical shape. When the satellite sit on an orbit, it always changes its’ place. That is the reason, why it was decided to make dynamic logo. While typographical part of the logo stays unchanged, the satellite shape is always changing, as if the satellite turns while being on an orbit.




TTÜ-Mektory Satellite project’s logo title is written with Kalev Grotesk typeface and its’ Regular style. Kalev Grotesk typeface is made. The typeface is a this year bachelor work of Jaan Rõõmus.


Logo black&white version:ttu-mektory-satellite5

Logo sponsors’ version:


Logo long version:ttu-mektory-satellite7

Marketing stuff:

Poster templates:

Feasibility Study presentation in Mektory. During the presentation there was also shown promo animation for the satellite, which is made by Henno Luts from Mellow Creative company:

ttu-mektory-satellite13 ttu-mektory-satellite14

A visualisation of the current status of Tallinn University of Technology Nanosatellite Programme for TUT – Mektory Space Centre.
Animation: Henno Luts from Mellow creative company.