University project “Style”

The aim of the course was to analyze the surrounding visual landscape, finding rules in it that would help to predict the future. At the end of the course I had to artistically research a lifestyle or styles or other phenomenons.
Once such an interesting thing happened to me while surfing in the Internet – all of a sudden all photos changed to glitches (pixeled images). In order not to lose a momemnt, I tried even search pictures in Google and just for interest I decided to find Picasso paintings to see them in a glitch style. Thanks to this case I started researching more about generative art, which refers to art that has been created with the use of autonomous system and found out, that there were writers, like “Oulipo” French-speaking writers who created works using constrained writing techniques, which I decided to use in my work.
“The Quick Brown fox jumped over the lazy dog” – is a world-wide pangram what everyone uses, this is kind of a word game, a text, that uses every letter of the alphabet except one. I randomly selected pangrams of different countries, chose the main word, pasted it to Google image search and chose the first picture it suggested me. For making some kind of a new style of art I changed the code of those pictures by copy-paste-ing those expressions with the code for creating new view.
glitch3 glitch2 glitch4